Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Suomenlahden sisaret

FI 2009. Imbi Paju's new groundbreaking documentary film Suomenlahden sisaret was first screened in the opening seminar of our Lotta Svärd series curated by Tiina Suutala, and in the final show of the series, on the Holiday of Epiphany, it was screened again to an appreciative audience. Memorable interviews with Elisabeth Rehn, Kyllikki Villa, Hanna Eckert, Greta Kupiainen, Ulla-Marita Rajakaltio, Helvi Hödejärv, Laila Auer, and Helmi Visnapuu.
Digibeta from Film Magica with Finnish subtitles, 55 min, at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 6 Jan 2010.

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