Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beyond the Rocks

US 1922. D: Sam Wood. Starring Rodolfo Valentino, Gloria Swanson. 80’. Tinted. Restored, some elements digitally, by NFM (Giovanna Fossati) 2003- in three different versions; at Haghefilm; this is the premiere of the third version. Presenta Giovanna Fossati. ♪ Donald Sosin. Sunday 3 July 2005, Cinema Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. A good job of restoration of a difficult subject. The film is a mediocre triangle melodrama where Gloria gets married to an old millionaire but keeps getting rescued by Valentino (in the sea, in the Alps). The climax takes place in the Sahara, where the millionaire perishes in the attack of Arab bandits. The title refers to the motto about the angel who guides us beyond the rocks to the waters beyond.

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