Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cretinetti s'incarica del trasloco

Müller übernimmt den Umzug. IT 1911. PC: Itala Film. Starring André Deed (Cretinetti). 150 m /16 fps/ 8'. Cineteca di Bologna. ♪ Maud Nelissen. Wednesday 6 July 2005, Cinema Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. The Bioscope: "Cretinetti finds his fiancée and her parents very worried about the arrival of the porters that should move their furniture, but he reassures them that he will personally resolve the problem. The last of his worries is the integrity of the furniture that must be moved, so that every object is thrown out of the window or down the stairs at a faster speed than any normal porter. The cyclone of falling objects knocks over passers-by and residents". Even the maid gets thrown out together with the objects, and house walls tumble down in Cretinetti's moving zeal.

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