Friday, June 17, 2011

Battleship Potyomkin film concert with Silva Sound Creators

Bronenosets Potyomkin / Panssarilaiva Potjomkin / Pansarkryssaren Potjomkin. SU 1925. D: Sergei Eisenstein. The Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin) restored version (2005) /18 fps/ 70 min with German subtitles on the print and electronic subtitles in Finnish / English over the screen. Viewed at the Tent (Sodankylä, Midnight Sun Film Festival), 17 June 2011.

Silva Sound Creators = ex-Prima Vista = Günter Buchwald (violin, piano), Frank Bockius (perc), Romano Todesco (double bass).

Original music by Edmund Meisel arranged by Günter Buchwald for the trio.

With brio for his trio Günter Buchwald had arranged the original music that was composed by Edmund Meisel for the Berlin premiere. In the Moscow premiere there had been a compilation score played by the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Battleship Potyomkin was the least popular film in the opinion of Eastern European film-makers such as Makavejev and Kieslowski when they visited Sodankylä during the glasnost years in the 1980s. It had became a symbol of the legitimization of power. But in fact it was always a call for mutiny against any authoritarian power structure.

Followed by the traditional night trip to the outdoor dancing floor by the Porttikoski falls. A night of magic and partying in the midnight sun.

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