Friday, May 24, 2024

ELO Spring Show: the latest student films by ELO Film School Finland I

The poster image is from the opening imagery of: Milja Härkönen: Päättämättömien naisten tunnustuksia / Confessions of Undecided Women (FI 2024).

Bio Rex Lasipalatsi (Mannerheimintie 22-24, Helsinki)

Friday 24.5.2024

- 10AM - FILMS 85 MIN

U.N.T.O animation, 2024, dir. Sonia Gran, BA minor Exercise, 2’ - AA: Sand animation. Excellent, stark, reduced, atavistic, primal visions, resonating on all most ancient traditions of visual expression, beyond art, before art, the spiral figures, resonating with ancient flower representations, metamorphoses. Enchanting score by Ville Heikki Väisänen. *

TIETYIN VARAUKSIN (Grain of Salt) animation, 2024, dir. Paula Aarniala, BA minor Exercise, 2’ - AA: Experimental animation, digital, simulating limited drawing, electronic soundscape. Drawn hands, morphing human figures, spinning figures. 

MORSIAN (The Bride) fiction, 2024, dir. Noa Korhonen & Vili Loikkanen, Course Exercise (Studiotyö), 3’ - AA: A lavish fragment in gorgeous period film / heritage film / costume film / melodrama style, a sample of excellence in mise-en-scène, cinematography, lighting, performances, costume design and make-up design.

MUISTOPUHE (Eulogy)  fiction, 2024, dir. Pinja Sormunen, Course Exercise (BA produktio), 10’ - AA: Drama about a daughter coming to terms with her mother at the mother's funeral. The daughter's monologue turns into a dialogue when the dead mother refuses to stay silent. Effective.

VAUVAKUUME (Baby Fever) fiction, 2024, dir. Severi Vilkko, Course Exercise (BA produktio), 9’ - AA: Another intergenerational drama. The devastation of pregnancy and childbirth, at the place of the grandmother-to-be. Nightmares about an insanely screaming baby and being left alone. Blood tracks on the carpet - real or hallucinated? Powerful, unfocused.

AMPHIBIA documentary, 2024, dir. Cyane Findji, MA film, 26’ - AA: Underwater explorations for an international research project, taking water samples in Furusund for the University of Stockholm. Coming to terms with a changing weather, including rainstorms. I love the underwater footage, but failed to make sense of the research subject.

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