Friday, May 24, 2024

ELO Spring Show: the latest student films by ELO Film School Finland II

The poster image is from the opening imagery of: Milja Härkönen: Päättämättömien naisten tunnustuksia / Confessions of Undecided Women (FI 2024).

Bio Rex Lasipalatsi (Mannerheimintie 22-24, Helsinki)

Friday 24.5.2024


REMEMBER ME FONDLY animation, 2024, dir. Amy Bruning, MA film, 12’ – AA: Animation growing from home movies and photos featuring fun with grandfather and grandmother. Pure joy.

TYÖN YÖSTÄ AUTONOMIAAN (From the Woes of Work to Autonomy) documentary, 2024, dir. Ilona Raivio, etude, 28’ - AA: Elements to an ambitious global survey about the future of work in capitalism - an occupied factory in Argentine - ecological farming in Greece - St. Vlome - Nürnberg - Järna. Ten points for the ambition.

ODOTTAJAT (The Wait) fiction, 2024, dir. Vilja Keskimäki, etude, 8’ - AA: Comedy, satire, farce. On a bus stop in the countryside, two young people offend everyone with their behaviour. Effective.

HEADREST animation, 2024, dir. Heta Okkonen, 3’, MA film, 3’ - AA: A reduced animation in line drawing mode - a dream, a bath, a threatening figure, blur in the eyes, head severed.

TAPE animation, 2024, dir. Hui Wing Ki Candace, MA film, 6’ - AA: A digital animation in watercolour mode. Starting from a sticky piece of tape, the action turns increasingly psychedelic. The sense of space if powerful, a hole opens to a black and white world.

MERENELÄVIÄ (Fish River Anthology) animation, 2024, dir. Veera Lamminpää, etude, 10’ - AA: A puppet animation with fish puppets. The scene: the fish counter of a grocery store. After the closing hour, the dead fish and seafood come alive. They start to move and perform musical production numbers. The song is hilarious, with fine performers, including Mari Rantasila. *

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