Friday, May 24, 2024

ELO Spring Show: the latest student films by ELO Film School Finland III

The poster image is from the opening imagery of: Milja Härkönen: Päättämättömien naisten tunnustuksia / Confessions of Undecided Women (FI 2024).


Bio Rex Lasipalatsi (Mannerheimintie 22-24, Helsinki)

Friday 24.5.2024



PÄÄTTÄMÄTTÖMIEN NAISTEN TUNNUSTUKSIA (Confessions of Undecided Women) animation/documentary, 2024, dir. Milja Härkönen, MA film, 20’ - AA: Fantastic psychedelic animated flower imagery (see poster graphics above) is in evidence from the beginning. The theme is the hardest decision: whether to have children and when? The soundtrack is documentary. The visual expression is a fireworks in a wide range of animation. From angry talking wombs to a literally imagined population explosion. Mind-blowing in every sense. *

ARCTURUS documentary, 2024, dir. Tuisku Lehto, MA film 26’ - AA: A nature experience, based on documentary observation but expanding into naivist, psychedelic directions.

KONEEN KIRJOITTAMA (Written by AI) documentary, 2024, dir. Ada Johnsson, Siiri Halko, MA film, 25’ - AA: There was a thunderstorm of laughter in the cinema. I cannot remember when I have laughed so much. An experimental film in the scientific sense. The screenplays of 25 of the most popular Finnish films (from Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu to The Unknown Soldier) were fed to the computer, which produced new screenplays based on them. The result is an absurdity of a new kind. It does not make sense, but it fails even to make nonsense in the familiar ways of Monty Python or Eugène Ionesco, because a human context is absent. But it is meaningless in a new way. The hilariousness is doubled by the deadpan presence of four leading IT experts and the actors' dedication to read the dialogue which has no basis in human psychology. --- Personally, I find "AI" the biggest bubble in post-WW history. Intelligence can never be artificial. Those who speak about "AI" misunderstand the human mind. The computer will never pass the Turing test. These are still mere imitation games and will always be. - This movie is a juicy proof. No doubt information technology will develop to completely new levels. But I predict the absurdity can never be surpassed. Nvidia & co. will have to find a new line of business if they want to avoid the fate of the dot-com bubble of 2000, the subprime mortgage crash of 2008, the crypto crisis... etc. *

ERITYISEN IKÄVÄ PAIKKA (Special Kinda Bad Feeling) 2024, fiction, dir. Reeta Varpama, MA film, 20’ - AA: A musical, a romantic comedy, theme song "Huomenna mä unohdan" ("Tomorrow I Will Forget"). It is about the dating game in today's world, mixing online and real time dating. Nonlinear, it moves in different time frames. Most importantly, it moves in the dream horizons where good musicals and love affairs exist.

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