Friday, March 11, 2016


Mikko Silvennoinen | Finland 2015 | Experimental, Fiction | 6 min
P+D+SC+DP+S+ED: Mikko Silvennoinen.
    Contact: at gmail
    Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition 8
    11+12 March, 2016, Plevna 2 and 5

TFF: "Quotation from the Vuores internet page: Vuores is a new district in Tampere, where nature, high-quality architecture, ecological living and the newest technical solutions are combined. Construction is planned to be finished by 2020 when Vuores will supposedly become home for 14 000 residents. A man in a suit cycles through Vuores interrupting his journey at four different spots to recite four different poems. The poems were selected to form the decoration for the surface of a wall designed by sculptor Pertti Kukkonen. The wall is located at the Writers' Park, Vuores. The poems were written by four different poets from the Tampere area: Kari Aronpuro, Kirsi Kunnas, Mirkka Rekola and Risto Ahti."

AA: A film about a poem in space: the dark clad man cycles along the sculptor Pertti Kukkonen's Poem Wall and reads aloud the poems written on it, by the prominent poets Kari Aronpuro, Kirsi Kunnas, Mirkka Rekola, and Risto Ahti. Like PMF/AAA, a film about conquering urban space via the bicycle. An interesting vision of interesting architecture and urban planning.

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