Thursday, March 10, 2016

Teta Veleta - Early Letters of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Kalle Hamm | Finland 2015 | Documentary | 22 min
P+D+DP+ED: Kalle Hamm. S: Mine Gügnör. Contact: Kalle Hamm,
    Pasolini's voice: Valter Benigni.
    Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition 9
    10+11 March, 2016, Plevna 5, 2

TFF: "The film is based on Pasolini’s early letters, texts and so called The Red Notebooks, which were written when he was age of 18-31. Video is a portrait a young man, who finds himself through the personal scandal. Video is filmed in Casarsa and Rome, where he lived while writing the texts."

AA: A distinguished and well made poetic biographical documentary on the early years of Pier Paolo Pasolini based on his early letters. Imaginative illustrations of paintings, landscapes, authentic locations, historical news footage and sound recordings of Mussolini. This film conveys a sense of mindscape of the young Pasolini.

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