Friday, March 11, 2016

Fantasia / Fantasy

Teemu Nikki | Finland 2016 | Fiction | 10 min
PC: It's Alive Films Oy. P: Jani Pösö. D+SC: Teemu Nikki. DP: Sari Aaltonen. S: Tuomas Seppänen. ED: Teemu Nikki. M: Janne Huttunen.
    Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition 8
    11+12 March, 2016, Plevna 2 and 5

TFF: "Tero is a farm boy, tired to eat potatoes. He wants to show his parents a new treat."

AA: An effective black comedy about the farm boy Tero, tired of potatoes, dreaming of Pizza Fantasia.

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