Tuesday, March 03, 1998

Criss Cross

031311 / 16 / US / 1948 / Siodmak, Robert / thriller
Criss Cross / Elämän ja kuoleman leikki. © Universal Pictures. P: Michel Kraike. D: Robert Siodmak. SC: Daniel Fuchs - based on the novel (1934) by Don Tracy. DP: Frank Planer. M: Miklos Rozsa. CAST: Burt Lancaster (Steve Thompson), Yvonne De Carlo (Anna), Dan Duryea (Slim Dundee), Stephen McNally (ltn. Pete Ramirez). 88’. B&w Academy. MPAA Seal 13393. A fine NFTVA print. Viewed in Helsinki, SEA, Cinema Orion, Tuesday 3 March 1998. **** Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. Steve Thompson is the armored car guard who gets connected with gangland because of love. The romantic ambience of the Round-Up Club is contrasted with the cold efficiency of the armored car robbery. These scenes are pure cinema, as is the sequence in the hospital where Steve is waiting for the assassin at night, and the final confrontation (”She’s all yours now”).

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