Wednesday, March 11, 1998


/ / MX / 1946 / Fernández, Emilio / melodrama
Enamorada / A Woman In Love. PC: Panamerica Films, S.A. D: Emilio Fernández. DP: Gabriel Figueroa. CAST: Pedro Armendáriz (General José Juan Reyes), Maria Félix (Beatriz Peñafiel), Eugenio Rossi, Fernando Fernández. 99’. B&w Academy. English subtitles by Eurofilm USA. Print had good definition, reel 4 out of synch. Duration of screening 94’. Viewed in Helsinki, SEA, Cinema Orion, Wednesday 11 March 1998. ** A brutal revolutionary general arrives in town and falls desperately in love with a fine woman. Story has resemblances with The Taming of the Shrew. The most effective sequences are based on visual composition and music: the church scenes with ”Ave Maria” and the serenade scenes with ”Malegueña salerosa”.

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