Saturday, March 28, 1998

Frida - naturaleza viva

096010 / 12 / MX / 1984 / Leduc Rosenzweig, Paul / biography
Frida - naturaleza viva / Frida. PC: Clasa Films Mundiales. D: Paul Leduc Rosenzweig. SC: José Joaquin Blanco, Paul Leduc Rosenzweig. DP: Angel Goded. CAST: Ofelia Medina (Frida Kahlo), Juan José Gurrola (Diego Rivera), Salvador Sánchez (David Alfaro Siqueiros), Max Kerlow (Lev Trotski), Claudio Brook (Father Kahlo). 107’. Colour, Academy. A worn, faded print from SEA / Gaudeamus Elokuva with Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Tarja Härkönen / Eirik Udd viewed in Helsinki, Cinema Orion, Saturday 28 March 1998. *** A series of vignettes follow the life of Frida Kahlo from the horrible accident she experienced as a little girl to her funeral: the loving father, the womanizing Diego Rivera, the national and international politics, the relationship with Trotsky, the Lesbian affections, et cetera. Everywhere there are mirrors. Frida Kahlo’s paintings are prominently displayed (but suffer here from the color definition of the print). The soundtrack is a stirring, first rate melange of period hits, Mexican traditional songs, opera, and political marches. Even Sibelius (The Swan of Tuonela) is included. And as Frida enters the opening of her exhibition on a stretcher, she has a theme song being sung. Please tell me where to get the CD and I’ll buy it at once.

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