Friday, March 06, 1998

Karhun valtakunta

A-027838 / G / FI / 1997 / Kemppainen, Kari etc. / nature documentary
Karhun valtakunta / The Kingdom of the Bear. © Mandart Production. D: Kari Kemppainen, Pekka Mandart. DP: Kari Kemppainen. CAST: Bear, Wolverine, Wolf, Deer, Elk, Wood Grouse, Fox, Swan, Crane. 51’ /25 fps/ PAL. DIST: Mandart Production. VHS projection in Helsinki, VET, Friday 6 March 1998. *** Beautiful documentary about wildlife in Kuhmo, the Eastern border of Finland. Full of long, exciting and extremely difficult-to-get scenes about the shy beasts of the great forest.

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