Thursday, March 19, 1998

Ulee’s Gold

V-003506 / 12 / US / 1997 / Nunez, Victor / / drama
Ulee’s Gold. © Orion Pictures. P+D+SC: Victor Nunez. DP: Virgil Marcus Mirano. CAST: Peter Fonda (Ulysses Jackson, ”Ulee”), Patricia Richardson (Connie Hope), Jessica Biel (Casey Jackson). 111’. Finnish subtitles by Movision. DIST: Scanbox Finland. VHS PAL projection in Helsinki, VET, Thursday 19 March 1998. *** In Florida, independent beekeeper Ulee Jackson is in the middle of the busiest season of gathering honey from the hives. His son Jimmy is in jail, his daughter-in-law is a junkie, his wife is dead, and he has two granddaughters to take care of. Now two partners of Jimmy appear. They are after a stash of money hidden by Jimmy and threaten at least to rape the women. Peter Fonda gives a surprise performance as the sympathetic stiff redneck, just the kind of guy that was caricatured in Easy Rider. It is a fine study in integrity and moral calibre.

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