Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Going To Kansas City

A-027841 / 12 / FI / CA / 1997 / Mandart, Pekka / / drama
Going To Kansas City. © 3318991 Canada Inc. D: Pekka Mandart. CAST: Mikko Nousiainen, Michael Ironside, Melissa Galianos. 98’. 1,85. In English and Finnish. Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Movision. DIST: Mandart Entertainment. Viewed in Helsinki, VET, Tuesday 17 March 1998. ** The adventures of the Finnish exchange student in violent Kansas. Michael Ironside is good as the grim Sheriff and Melissa Galianos shows talent in the role as his daughter. Unfortunately, Mikko Nousiainen lacks the power it takes to carry the lead. Filmed in Québec.

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