Thursday, March 12, 1998


/ / MX / 1960 / Gavaldón, Roberto / fantastique
Macario. PC: Clasa Films Mundiales. P: Armando Orive Alba. D: Roberto Gavaldón. Based on the story by B. Traven. DP: Gabriel Figueroa. M: Raúl Lavista. CAST: Ignacio Lopez Tarso (Macario), Pina Pellicer (Macario’s wife), Enrique Lucero (Death), José Galvez (The Devil), José Luis Jiménez (God). 90’. B&w Academy. Print had bad definition. Viewed in Helsinki, SEA, Cinema Orion, Thursday 12 March 1998. *** It takes places on the Day of the Dead. The poor wood-cutter has been starving as long as he can remember. As his wife gives him a whole turkey to eat he meets Death, who gives him a vision in matters of life and death. As a miracle man he gets in trouble with the Inquisition. The final confrontation takes place in Death’s hall of candles. It is an effective sequence resembling Fritz Lang’s Der müde Tod.

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