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Cento anni fà: 1910: Programme 2: The Future of Short Films: News, Science, Laughter

10.00 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni
Cento anni fa: Film europei del 1910. Programma 2: Il futuro del corto - Attualità, Scienza, Comicità

LE POULET DE MLLE PIPELARD (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé. 84 m /16 fps/ 5 min. Source: 28 mm. From: Deutsche Kinemathek. - Comedy, cross-dressing: man flirting another man dressed as a female cook. - High contrast.
PROCÉDÉ VERSICOLOR: ESSAIS COULEURS (Francia/1910). 17 m /16 fps/ 1 min. From: AFF/CNC. - Catalogue: "probably an early test for Dufaycolor". - The grid is visible.
PARADE DER GARNISON MÜNCHEN ANLÄSSLICH DES GEBURTSTAGES SR. KGL. HOHEIT DES PRINZREGENTEN (Germania/ca 1910) Prod.: Welt-Kinematograph. 170 m /16 fps/ 9 min. From: NFTVA. - Military parade. - Good definition of light.
RIGADIN AMOREUX D'UNE ÉTOILE (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. R.: Georges Monca. With Charles Prince as Rigadin. 150 m /16 fps/ 8 min. From: AFF/CNC. - Rigadin as virago dismisses his rival. Not very funny. - Pretty good print.
* LES DEUX RENDEZ-VOUS (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé. 150 m /18 fps/ 7 min. From: Cinemathek (Brussels). -A bedroom farce that is rather a bathroom farce. Man and wife both thinking they are alone at home have a rendez-vous with their lovers at home and hide their companions in the two bathtubs. - Madame is the active one with her timid lover, and Monsieur is the active partner with his shy lady companion. - Clothes get exchanged, and there is a tremendous crescendo of revelations.
DIATOMÉES (Francia/1910) PC: Pathé. D: Jean Comandon. 152 m /16 fps/ 8 min. From: AFF/CNC. - Scène de la vulgarisation scientifique. - Following the catalogue: The Cinématographie des infiniment petits was unveiled by Pathé Frères in 1910 in a special catalogue called Cinématographie ultramicroscopique shot under the scientific direction of M. le Docteur Jean Comandon. The films did not only address universities but all levels of education.
FUNÉRAILLES D'EDOUARD VII ROI D'ANGLETERRE 20 MAI 1910 / Begrafenis Eduard VII (Francia/1910) Prod.: Gaumont. 208 m /18 fps/ 10 min. - Following the catalogue: the state funeral as military parade.
LA MALLE DE LA NOURRICE (Francia/1910) Prod.: Éclair. 141 m /16 fps/ 7 min. From: AFF/CNC. - Comedy. - Following the catalogue: out of the nursemaid's trunk steps her larcenous friend and accomplice, and together they pack her employers into it. - Good print.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Gabriel Thibaudeau

not shown: [WENN DER VATER MIT DEM SOHNE - Fonoscena dall'operetta Die keusche Susanne (Jean Gilbert, 1910) (Germania/1911)]

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