Monday, June 28, 2010

Cento anni fà: Programme 3: 1910: Landscapes and Narrative

10.00 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni, Bologna, 28 June 2010
Cento anni fa: Programma 3: 1910: Paesaggio e narrazione

According to Mariann Lewinsky, in 1910 the landscape started to have a more central role in narrative cinema.

LES PYRÉNÉES PITTORESQUES / Een autotocht in de Pyreneën (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé. 278 m /18 fps/ 13 min. Dutch intertitles. From: Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). Pathé actors visit the Pyrenees. Ok print from used source with pochoir colour.
LE GARDIAN DE CAMARGUE (Francia/1910) PC: Gaumont. R.: Léonce Perret. 290 m /16 fps/ 16 min. From: Cin. fr. (2003) - Tragedy of the actress and the cowboy. - Good print, slightly duped look.
MARINES (Francia/1910). Prod.: Gaumont. 100 m /18 fps/ 5 min. Colour. From: Cinematek (Brussels). - Sunsets with colour effects.
LE REFLET DU VOL (Francia/1910) PC: Pathé. R.: Georges Monca. With Charlotte Barbier, Gina Barbieri. 103 m /18 fps/ 5 min. From: Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). - The poor woman steals from her employer but returns the purse.
* LES DEUX PETITS JÉSUS (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. / S.A.P.F. R.: Georges Denola. 308 m /16 fps/ 17 min. From: Cinematek (Brussels). - Sans argent, sans pain, sans espérance. The poor woman abandons her baby to the chapel of a convent in the crib of the Nativity scene. - The best film of this programme.
RIGADIN A L'ÂME SENSIBLE (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. R.: Georges Monca. With Charles Prince. 161 m /16 fps/ 9 min. From: Cinematek (Brussels). - Rigadin is over-empathic (qf. Jerry Lewis in Disorderly Orderly) and cries out loud reading in the newspaper about 12 chicken that have been run over. This comedy is a hyperbole of altruism.
DANS LES RUINES DE CARTHAGE (Francia/1910) PC: Eclair. R.: Victorin Jasset. 228 m /16 fps/ 13 min. From: Cin. fr. (2000), tinted and toned. - Beautiful print, beautiful cinematography on location in Tunisia.
EULALIA IM BADE (Germania/1910). 65 m /16 fps/ 4 min. From: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv. - Beautiful print. - Comedy: the angry old woman chases away loving couples on the beach, until she is courted, herself.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Donald Sosin
Earphone translation in Italian and English.

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