Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cento anni fà: 1910: Programme 1: Overture

16.30 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni, Bologna, 26 June 2010
Cento anni fa. 1910: Programma 1: Ouverture.

Tempo: futuro, presente, passato / Time: Future, Present, Past
BUON ANNO! (Italia/1909) PC: Ambrosio. R.: Ernesto Vaser. 104 m /18 fps/ 5 min. Dutch intertitles. From: Museo Nazionale del Cinema Torino. - Funny comedy and animation announcing the year 1910. - Good definition of light.
LA VIE INTENSE / Tommy's Race Through Life (Francia/1910) Prod.: Lux. 124 m /18 fps/ 6 min. From: BFINA. - Specialty: a whole life in accelerated motion, from the baby to the corpse.
L'ENVOL DES CHATS (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé. 50 m /16 fps/ 3 min. Source: 28 mm. From: AFF/CNC. - Non-fiction about cats.
SEMIRAMIS (Francia/1910) PC: Pathé. R.: Camille de Morlhon. With: Yvonne Mirval. 284 m /16 fps/ 15 min. From: National Film Center, Tokyo (Komiya Collection). - Historical tableaux, histrionic style. - Fine pochoir colour. - The drama of Babylon.

Anno di star e registi / A Year of Stars and Directors
LES FICELLES DE LÉONTINE (Francia/1910). Prod.: Pathé. 135 m /18 fps/ 7 min. From: Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). - A chase comedy: Léontine outwits everybody with string. - Print ok.
L'ÉVADÉ DES TUILERIES (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. R.: Albert Capellani. 252 m /16 fps/ 14 min. - Historical drama, tableaux, in the days of the Revolution, 1793, Grace Elliott saves Champcenetz from the scaffold. - Ok print, slightly soft.
LES TIMIDITÉS DE RIGADIN / A Shy Youth (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. D: Georges Monca. With: Mistinguett, Charles Prince. 160 m /17 fps/ 8 min. From: National Film Center, Tokyo (Komiya Collection). - Comedy: the staff of a wealthy house throws a party. The daughter of the house (Mistinguett) dresses Rigadin in a suit of armor and gets him to sing Wagner's Lohengrin. - Ok print, tinted.

[Mediometraggi danesi/ Danish Medium-Length Films
DEN HVIDE SLAVEHANDEL (Danimarca/1910 ) R.: August Blom - this film belonged to the programme but I did not stay to see it this time]

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Eunice Martins

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