Monday, June 28, 2010


14.30 Cinema Arlecchino, Bologna, 28 June 2010
SALUTE [the film was not released in Finland] (Grande sfida, USA/1929) PC: Fox Film Corporation. D: John Ford. DP: Joseph H. August - Movietone. With: George O'Brien (John Randall), Helen Chandler (Nancy Wayne), Stepin Fetchit (Smoke Screen), Ward Bond, John Wayne. 86 min
From: GEH. E-subtitles in Italian by Sub-Ti.

A mainly beautiful print from good source material. A boom mike was visible in the Movietone ratio presentation.

A big step forward for Ford as a director of a sound film. The Black Watch was a clumsy transitional film, but Salute is already an assured work.

The Annapolis story of two rivalling brothers is boring. Ward Bond gets his debut role and John Wayne his first speaking part, both as Navy bullies.

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