Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Albert Capellani 3: Capellani's Thrillers: Point of View, Framing and Empathy

14.45 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni, Bologna, 29 June 2010
Albert Capellani, Programma 3: I gialli di Alberto Capellani: empatia e sguardo

SAMSON (Francia/1908) R.: Albert Capellani. 275 m /16 fps/ 15 min. A Komiya Collection pochoir print. Impressive early-cinema tableaux: - Samson is born - removing the gates of Gaza - meeting Delilah - going blind - grinding the millstone - recovering his strength - the fall of the temple.

L'HOMME AU GANTS BLANCS (Francia/1908) R.: Albert Capellani. 177 m /16 fps/ 9 min. The first part seen in fine La Cinémathèque francaise footage, the second part in inferior Pathé Kok footage. Much more impressive cinematic storytelling than in Samson. The double crime tragedy of the lady who is the victim of a gentleman crook (who robs her necklace) and a tramp crook (who unintentionally kills her). The white gloves mark the gentleman crook as the murderer.

L'ÉPOUVANTE / Der Schrecken (Francia/1911) R.: Albert Capellani. 208 m /18 fps/ 10 min. Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam. Starring Mistinguett. A big step forward in storytelling from L'Homme au gants blancs. The scene where the lady sees the hand under the bed. The police is summoned, there is a chase on the roof. The lady saves the poor criminal from falling to his death, and the crook returns the loot.

PAUVRE MÈRE (Francia/1906) R.: Albert Capellani. 115 m /16 fps/ 6 min. Gestione commericale Gaumont Pathé Archives. The little girl falls to her death. The mother loses her mind and dies, too. Powerful images such as the mother being stoned by children in the park. The shot of the little coffin being transported.

L'INTRIGANTE (Francia/1910-11) R.: Albert Capellani. 162 m /18 fps/ 8 min. Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam.

LA MARIÉE DU CHÂTEAU MAUDIT (Francia/1910) R.: Albert Capellani. 221 m /16 fps/ 12 min. Kinematek, Brussels (from Montevideo).

CENDRILLON OU LA PANTOUFLE MERVEILLEUSE (Francia/1907) R.: Albert Capellani. 295 m /16 fps/ 16 min. AFF/CNC.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Donald Sosin

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