Monday, March 21, 2005


FI. Home movies shot by Edvin Laine in the 1950s on 8mm b&w and colour stock. Transferred to video and deposited with the Suomen elokuva-arkisto by the Edvin Laine Estate in 2005. 3 hrs. VHS cassettes viewed and fast-forwarded at home, Helsinki, 20 March 2005. The home movies of the great epic theatre and film director and actor: happy family scenes (wife: the actress Mirjam Novero, daughter Jarna) on summer holiday, winter holiday, trips abroad (Italy, Paris, London, New York, Berlin Film Festival 1956, Norway), Christmas, weddings, visits to the graveyard, children at play, etc. Also rare colour footage on the shooting of the epics Tuntematon sotilas (1955) and Sven Tuuva (1957) and b&w behind-the-scenes footage on Musta rakkaus (1957).

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