Saturday, March 12, 2005


GB (c) 1993 Bare Boards for S4C and BBC2. D: Barry J.C. Purves. M: Giuseppe Verdi. 30'. Puppet animation. Looked like a film transfer from video. In English, sous-titres francais. Viewed at Plevna 6, Tampere Film Festival, 12 March 2005. The programme text: "Rigoletto, the pimp for the Duke of Milan, tries in vain to keep his daughter from the debauchery of the corrupt court. A sinister visualization of Giuseppe Verdi's opera situated in Italy in the 16th century. A part of a BBC television series Operavox which consisted of six half-an-hour opera adaptations". A fresh, bold approach to the opera, in lurid colour, grotesque style, in a world of horror, laced with sex and gore. The excellent musical arrangement conveys the beauty and power of Verdi. "Questa di cella", "La donna è mobile", "Bella figlia dell'amore", etc. in English.

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