Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Paradzhanov: verjin garun

Paradzhanov: poslednjaja vesna / Parajanov: The Last Spring / Paradjanov: den sista våren. AM / US 1992. PC: Mozart Films / Varda Nova Films. P: Mikhail Vartanov, (2003 version) Martin Vartanov. D: Mikhail Vartanov, incorporating Sergei Parajanov footage from Confession (1990) etc. SC: Martin Vartanov, Mikhail Vartanov. 55 min. Poetic documentary portrait of Sergei Parajanov (1924-1990). The 2003 US version on Betacam (there is no 35mm print of this version). Viewed at Orion, Helsinki, 15 March 2005. A wonderful portrait of the poet's last spring. The scenes from his final, unfinished film Confession show him in full force. Fascinating making-of footage of Nran goyne / Sayat Nova from 1967 both in black and white and in colour. An abundance of correspondence, drawings, paintings and collages from the life-long friendship between Mikhail Vartanov and Sergei Parajanov. Footage from the feast celebrating the liberation of Parajanov in 1977 and the opening of his exhibition. Parajanov is the biggest martyr for his homosexuality in the history of the cinema. Also as a martyr for absolute art a brother-in-fate of Tarkovsky. Highly recommended for friends of the cinema and Parajanov. ***+

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