Saturday, March 12, 2005

Herra Elanto

Mr. Elanto. FI 1930. PC: Suomi-Filmi. SC: Heikki Välisalmi, Erkki Karu. Starring Heikki Välisalmi in the fictional story. Featuring Väinö Tanner etc. in the documentary footage. 55'. Industrial feature; fictional story linking documentary footage. Tinted and toned, restored by Suomen elokuva-arkisto 1995. Silent, live pianist Joonas Raninen (jazz age music). The nouveau riche Jack Koski / Jaakko Koski returns from America to Finland and wants to buy Elanto. He loses his capital in the stock market crash and marries a sweet Elanto lady, instead. Visit tours, dream sequences, flashback histories compress information, but there are boring stretches. The documentary value is great.

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