Sunday, March 13, 2005

Härlig är jorden / World of Glory

Roy Andersson: Härlig är jorden / World of Glory (1991).

Maa on niin kaunis.
    SE © 1991 Göteborg Film Festival. D: Roy Andersson. 16'. English subtitles, e-subtitles in Finnish. Video projection. Viewed at Tullikamari, Tampere Film Festival, 12 March 2005.

Strong scenes in Roy Andersson's late style: vignettes in long shot without camera movement and editing. It starts with a re-enactment of a Nazi-style murder van, where naked passengers are gassed with an exhumation pipe of the car. "History started with Auschwitz", says Roy Andersson, born on the first year of the Endlösung. (I saw half of this only, due to belated schedule).

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