Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ravintolayleisöä kameran silmällä

Restaurant Customers Caught by the Camera Eye. FI 1930. PC: Ab Mainos Oy. SC: Ragnar Hartwall, Teuvo Tulio, Valentin Vaala. Featuring Hanna Taini, Josef Liebkind, Teuvo Tulio. 5'. Silent, live pianist: Joonas Raninen (jazz age music). Viewed at Kinopalatsi, Tampere Film Festival, 11 March 2005. A commercial that was produced to be screened with Laveata tietä (The Broad Way): furs by Hilbert Lähteinen, rubber boots by Nokia, butter by Kultanauha, coffee by Stadion-Kahvi, cream by Kultareuna, cigarettes by Pikku Fennia, beer by Lahden Erikois-Olut, the musicians' stage by Jerry Soittolava.

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