Sunday, March 20, 2005

I Heart Huckabees / I ♥ Huckabees

I Heart Huckabees / I Heart Huckabees. US / DE (c) 2004 N1 European Film Produktions GmbH & Co. kg / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. PC: Fox Searchlight Pictures and Qwerty Films with Icon Entertainment International Present A Kanzeon / Scott Rudin / N1 European Film Produktions Production. D: David O. Russell. SC: David O. Russell, Jeff Baena. DP: Peter Deming. PD: K.K. Barrett. Costumes: Mark Bridges. M: Jon Brion. Starring: Jason Schwartzman (Albert Markovski), Isabelle Huppert (Caterine Vauban), Dustin Hoffman (Bernard), Lily Tomlin (Vivian), Jude Law (Brad Stand), Mark Wahlberg (Tommy Corn), Naomi Watts (Dawn Campbell), Tippi Hedren (Mary Jane Hutchinson), Shania Twain (herself). 106 min. Tagline: An Existential Comedy. A Sandrew Metronome Distribution Finland release, Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Hannele Vahtera. Viewed at Kinopalatsi 8, 20 March 2005. Existential detectives (Hoffman, Tomlin) are hired to investigate questions of the meaning of life as the environmentalist (Schwartzman) and the organization man (Law) are about to be sucked into the vortex of the Wal-Mart-like mega-corporation Huckabees. A competing philosopher-investigator (Huppert) appears from France. She does not mind mixing sex with business. "Cruelty, manipulation, meaninglessness" is the motto on her business card. "A New Age screwball comedy" (J. Hoberman). David O. Russell is a bold guy to do Surrealism (with a tribute to L'Age d'or) in mainstream cinema, and to try to outdo Charlie Kaufman. For me, the film is a disaster. Too much craziness. Too fast as if to keep us from noticing how silly it is. I like Jon Brion's music.

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