Sunday, March 06, 2005

Onnen varjot

I lyckans skuggor / Shadows of Happiness. FI (c) 2005 Kinoproduction. P+D: Claes Olsson. SC: Anna-Leena Härkönen. DP: Pertti Mutanen - S16mm>Digital>35mm. Digital Post: Digital Film Finland / Greg Fischer. Excerpts from Livets mirakel by Lennart Nilsson. PD: Minna Santakari. M: Yari. Starring Tiina Lymi (Paula), Nicke Lignell (Jarkko), Milka Ahlroth (Helena), Santeri Kinnunen (Mikko), Anna-Leena Härkönen (Titta), Otto Kanerva (Simo), Pirkko Mannola (Jarkko's mother), Satu Silvo (Helena's boss). 103 min. Visually attractive on screen. Released by Columbia TriSTar Nordisk, Swedish subtitles by Janne Staffans. Viewed at Tennispalatsi 7, Helsinki, 6 March 2005. Claes Olsson's fifth fictional feature film during his long and distinguished career presents strong characters based on the screenplay by the author-actress Anna-Leena Härkönen: three couples, all facing the question of having children. This is a character-driven film, emotionally engaging. My favourite scene is the mother's birthday party, where the main couple, who have tried in vain to have children, protest out loud about the endless inquiries of the hubby's parents. ***

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