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Nordic and Baltic Film Archive Meeting 2017: Treasures from the Archives

Un matrimonio interplanetario (IT 1910).

Nordic and Baltic Film Archive Meeting 2017: Treasures from the Archives
Kino Tulio, 8 Sep 2017.

Det Danske Filminstitut: Filmarkiv & Cinemateket

Hæder til Carl Th. Dreyer / [Honour for Carl Th. Dreyer] (DK 1968). Documentary. Ib Monty welcomes Carl Th. Dreyer at the Det Danske Filmmuseum at Store Søndervoldstræde in Christianshamn. Dreyer examines the maquettes of La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc at the museum premises. Dreyer receives a medal of honour from Monty. Beautiful. Silent, in colour. Screened on 2K DCP.

Un matrimonio interplanetario / Bryllup paa Maanen / Marriage in the Moon (IT 1910). PC: Latium Film. D+SC: Enrico Novelli (as Yambo). Féerie, science fiction. Evidently inspired by Méliès, it starts with a lot of drawn footage about outer space. An astronomer on Earth catches a sight on the princess of Mars and sends a marriage proposal via telegraph (the mangled words are seen as a funny animation on their way from Earth to Mars). The answer is yes, and the date is set on the Moon. A lively, exaggerated, circus-like approach, similar to Méliès in many details, including the buxom joy of life of the princess and the dancing nymphs. Danish intertitles. 2K DCP.
    I saw an English version of Un matrimonio interplanetario in 2002 at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto in Sacile in the Avanguardia Italiana series.

Rahvusarhiiv–Filmiarhiiv (Tallinn)

Tallinna turg / [The Tallinn Market Square] (EE 1920). D: Konstantin Märski. Documentary. Delightful footage of the Tallinn Market Square has been edited with an experimental approach inspired by the contemporary German and French avantgardes. Superimpositions, kaleidoscope effects, handheld footage, impressionistic viewpoints, time-lapse cinematography, reverse motion. Restored and provided with a soundtrack in 2016. Dvd.

Ajalehe sünd / [The Birth of the Newspaper] (EE 1935). D: Eduard Jürisson-Vallaste. CIN: Armas Hirvonen. Documentary. A very nice account of the birth of the newspaper. It starts with a city montage and a montage of paper industry (which brings to mind the Finnish documentaries of Aho & Soldan). We follow the work of newsmen covering a fire, setters transferring handwritten copy to type, proofreading, the creation of matrixes, casts, the rotary printing press, the addressing, the stamping, and newspaper seller boys springing to the streets. Many Estonian newspaper are on display, including Eesti Päeväleht, Postimees, Uudised, Vaba Maa, Esmaspäev, and Rahvaleht. "Aeg on raha" - time is money. Restored and provided with a soundtrack in 2016. Dvd.

Nasjonalbiblioteket (Norway)

Selsnepa – vår farligaste giftplante / [Cowbane – Our Most Dangerous Poisonous Plant]. NO 1960. D: Thor Arnljot Udvang. Educational film, public information film. Mother and father notice that their child is playing with the lethal cowbane. Attractive colour. Computer file.

Verden Rundt 1930–1941 / [Around the World]. NO. Newsreel items on computer files.
– Oslo i valg / [Election Day in Oslo]. Election advertizing and campaigning.
– Tearing down the old circus building.
– Wiveroy Air Line's first female pilot.
– Utfartssøndag i Oslo / [Sunday Recreation in Oslo]. Fun on the beach.

Nu klinger. NO 1945. Non-fiction. Female students at a football match on a wet field. Computer file.

Dæmonen / The Demon. NO 1911. D: Jens Christian Gundersen, Alfred Lind. C: Annegrethe Antonsen, Arne Strøm. A censorship clip from an erotic drama. This clip covers a steamy tango clearly inspired by Asta Nielsen in Afgrunden. The man is a clown here. Electric and powerful. Computer file.

Gjærden winterdeige / [Yeast in Winter Dough]. NO. Non-fiction. Baking a twist, rolls, etc. at home. Computer file.

Trondheims Kommunale Bakeri / [Trondheim's Communal Bakery]. NO 1927. Non-fiction. Industrial promotion movie. In contrast to the previous movie, industrial bakery business is on display here. Computer file.

Kvikmyndasafn Íslands

A documentary about a visit of the King of Norway to Iceland. Computer file.

Svenska Filminstitutet / Filmarkivet

Vårt kronprinspar i Hollywood / [Our Crown Prince Couple in Hollywood]. SE 1926. Non-fiction. A royal welcome to the Swedish Crown Prince couple at the Metro-Goldwyn studios. The movie starts with a 360° establishing pan from a high rooftop at the Culver City studios. Louis B. Mayer welcomes the royal couple. There is lunch at a castle on the lot, in the company of Lillian Gish and Greta Garbo. The castle is a set of John S. Robertson's Annie Laurie, starring Gish. Edmund Goulding is shooting his Apache drama, Paris. Mayer gives the crown prince a camera as a present. Lon Chaney instructs the prince on how to operate the camera. John Gilbert and Ramon Novarro are introduced. An authentic Indian tribe is visited, and the visit is complete with smoking a peace pipe, donning an Indian feather headdress, and being honoured with a dance around the chiefs. The last shots are also in two-colour Technicolor. Beautiful. 35 mm. /20 fps/ 12 min

L'Œuvre de Jean Serval / Statyn / [The Sculpture of Jean Serval]. FR 1909. D: Michel Carré. C: Paul Capellani, Louis Ravet, Stacia Napierkowska. Drama. A triangle drama between artists at Montmartre. Shot on location (Moulin de la Galette, Sacre-Cœur seen from the artist's balcony). When Stacia Napierkowska selects the young artist, the old master destroys the young one's prize-winning sculpture. Fine mise-en-scène, fine understanding of light. The gesticulation is subdued. An interesting discovery. Original Pathécolor stencil colour preserved. 35 mm. /16 fps/ 11 min

Kansallinen audiovisuaalinen instituutti

Sensuela. FI 1972. D: Teuvo Tulio. C: Marianne Mardi, Mauritz Åkerman. The opening. 4K DCP. In garish colour, Tulio's final wild interpretation of his "the way you wanted me" theme. With fine inserts of reindeer in Lapland from Aito Mäkinen and Virke Lehtinen's documentary Poro (1969), beautifully shot by Virke Lehtinen. Public domain score from Tchaikovsky's The Swan Lake.

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