Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Adventures of Woody Woodpecker 2

Nakke Nakuttajan seikkailuja 2 / Hacke Hackspätt på äventyr 2. US (c) 1956-1958 Universal International. PC: Walter Lantz Productions. D: Paul J. Smith. SC: Jack Cosgriff, Homer Brightman. M: Clarence E. Wheeler. Technicolor. Vintage prints with full, bright, beautiful colour but with "rain" and joins in starts and tails. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 9 September 2008.
Crazy "cartunes" featuring the irrepressible woodpecker.
Chief Charlie Horse (1956). Cigar store Indian mixed with the real thing.
Get Lost (1956). Baby woodpeckers challenge a hungry cat.
Woodpecker from Mars (1956). Woody in a tv space costume mistaken for a Martian.
Dopey Dick the Pink Whale (1957). Moby Dick parody.
Fodder and Son (1957). Bears as park bums do the poor beggar act and Elvis imitations.
International Woodpecker (1957). Woody's history of the world, mayhem at every turning point.
Misguided Missile (1957). The insurance salesman with an intelligent missile to help with claims.
Round Trip to Mars (1957). Woody on holiday disturbed by a rocket scientist.
The Unbearable Salesman (1957). Woody the salesman meets a bear set for hibernation.
Everglade Raid (1958). Woody meets alligator. Alligator sees dinner, Woody sees luggage.

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