Friday, September 19, 2008

Crin blanc

Crin blanc, le cheval sauvage / White Mane, Wild Horse / Valkoinen ori / Vildhästen / [Valkoharja, villihevonen]. FR (c) 1953 Films Montsouris. P+D+SC: Albert Lamorisse. DP: Edmond Séchan. M: Maurice Leroux. LOC: Camargue. Starring Alain Emery (Folco). 40 min. A Films Distribution print with English subtitles by Siomann O'Neill. E-subtitles in Finnish by Lena Talvio. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 18 September 2008. - A good print, with a slightly duped look, with some noise on soundtrack. - A children's classic. Folco of the fisherman's family meets Crin blanc, the untamable lead stallion of a pack of wild horses. A film of natural poetry. High points: Crin blanc drags Folco through the water and the reeds; the fight of the horses for leadership; the captors attempt to catch Folco with fire and smoke; rabbit hunt; the final hunt to the sea. - It's a dream about liberty. - One of the case studies in André Bazin's essay "Montage interdit".

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