Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Enkä mä herätä sua" / [Nor Will I Wake You Up]

[Inte heller ska jag vecka dig]. FI 1983. PC: Koulu-TV, Yleisradio. D: Eero Tuomikoski. Based on the poems by Teemu Hirvilampi. DP: Pauli Sipiläinen. [M: Ari Taskinen?]. Starring Tomi Salmela (Pentti Jupiter Toikkanen), Teemu Hirvilammi (the man seeking Toikkanen). Reader of poems: Matti Pellonpää. 29 min. A digibeta (alas) of a 16 mm sepmag production viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 13 September 2008.

Presented by Markku Varjola: film as poem, poems in a new form, with many layers: the everyday and society, dreams, and philosophy.

The remarkable film has suicide as its theme. Aerial shots of Helsinki. Birds in slow motion. The girl with the cape. The man lying dead on the ground. In this play no dialogue is needed. The vista from Tähtitorninmäki. A play of the cards: life is over now. I don't want to play anymore. You ate your notes. The bloody hand. The helicopter shots. Japanese artificial hearts. The reflections in the window. Lucrative domestic flights available. Our computer can get you a friend for correspondence. Computer music and matter-of-fact commentators. The model in the window opens her eyes, and our boy takes her for a real woman. Metallic liquids in coffee cups. A rainy freeway at night. Shots of pure abstraction.

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