Saturday, September 06, 2008


De oskiljaktiga / [The Inseparable]. FI (c) 2008 Kinotar. P: Lasse Saarinen, Risto Salomaa. D: Hanna Maylett. SC: Tarja Kylmä. DP: Jyri Hakala - HDTV - shot on Sony CineAlta F23 - digital intermediate Generator Post, Digital Film Finland - distributed in 35mm 1:2,35. M: Sanna Salmenkallio. LOC: Tyrnävä. Starring Minna Haapkylä (Eve), Tiina Lymi (Taru), Kaneli Johansson (Ninni), Jorma Tommila (Harri). 101 min. Released by Nordisk with Swedish subtitles by Saliven Gustavson. Viewed at Maxim 1, Helsinki, 6 September 2008. - A gray digital intermediate look. - On a horse farm in the province of Pohjanmaa, Finland, the teenage daughter Ninni is kicked by the maverick Indigo and taken to hospital by her stepmother Taru and her father Harri. Her biological mother Eve, who lives in Sweden, is alerted, and she comes back the next day having abandoned her baby ten years ago. - The single kick of a horse causes turbulence in all of their lives. - Strengths include performances by Minna Haapkylä and Tiina Lymi. The visual concept of the film is effective, juxtaposing the stagnation in the protagonists' lives with the life force of the horses and the presence of a big river and its rapids. - The film were better if the concept were more dynamic in its storytelling or otherwise. - Boldly the film has been shot in the gray rain of October. Much of the force of the crane shots and other well-composed images is lost in digital transition.

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