Saturday, September 06, 2008

Antonioni, lo sguardo che cambiò il cinema

Antonioni: The Eye That Changed Cinema. IT 2001. D: Carlo di Carlo, Sandro Lai. 60 min. A Betacam from Cinecittà Holding with English subtitles by Charlotte Lantery viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 6 September 2008. - A comprehensive and exciting compilation of Antonioni's statements about his art, from his early shorts till Al di là delle nuvole. - L'avventura outtake (the cobbler game). - Antonioni & Monica Vitti screening rushes. - The question of colour: the blatant manipulation in Il deserto rosso and Blow-Up. "I changed London to become more London". - "Each film is a battle". - Blow-Up: "other films I did with my stomach, this one with my head". - Zabriskie Point difficult to film because of the US working methods, difficult to improvise. - Chung Kuo Cina: the concept of community, belonging. The trouble afterwards was related to the status of Chou En Lai. - Professione: reporter: the first film not based on my own script. More discreet narrative. - Il mistero di Oberwald: tv cameras, electronics, changing colour at will. - Identificazione di una donna: "not characters in crisis but characters who reveal crises." - 1983: "screens are getting smaller, tv sets bigger." - Quantum physics: "nothing is certain." - Communicating incommunication. - Silence. - Against shot / counter-shot. "People misunderstand each other even face to face." - "For Wenders, film-making is crazy fun, for me, almost suffering." - "The woman is a subtler filter of reality, with more ties to mystery." - "The moral purpose in life can also be called God." - Antonioni exhibition with artwork based on Il deserto rosso. - The companionship of Enrica Antonioni. Filming Al di là delle nuvole, Enrica: "Wim is an angel". The tender look at Enrica. "The most courageous." Final image: Jack Nicholson extends him the Oscar in 1995.

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