Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Visit / Besöket. FI 1981. PC: TTK/ETV. P+D+SC: Tapani Lundgren - based on the short story (1950) by Pentti Haanpää. Starring Erkki Pajala, Eeva-Maija Haukinen, Svante Martin, Heta Haukinen. 21 min. - The 35mm print looks like a blowup from 16mm. - An attempt at poetic interpretation and modernization. The Earth in space. Water flowing. The voice-over. A press conference. A boiler room. A girl and a mirror. Erkki Pajala as the ghost is gruff and smug. A failed film. - The original short story by master Pentti Haanpää is the vision of an alcoholic farmer who has lost the family estate and conjures the ghost of his grandfather from his grave. The farmer and the ghost make a droll excursion to the modern world. They even visit the cinema (scene not included in the film). A rough translation:
"They even sat in the movies, but not for long, since old Adolf did not like them.
- I don't understand why you have to devour such picture flicker until your belly is full. Before long you'll lose your sense of whether you're dreaming or not. And what about those glimpses of skin, picture skin! They are too much for a young man, who is always sticking out anyway...
He barked about the pictures so long and in so many ways that young Adolf got fed up.
- And what about your kind? Is it even fit for the pictures! There has been enough trouble already because of the fact that you cannot be seen..."

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