Friday, September 26, 2008


White Roses Seminar, 26 September 2008 at 14.00-16.45 at Cinema Orion, Helsinki
Kimmo Laine & Juha Seitajärvi: Introduction, a trailer, and test footage
Kaarle Stewen: Hannu Leminen Changes Media
Sakari Toiviainen: An Overview into Leminen's Oeuvre
Outi Hupaniittu: Helena Kara's Star Image
Jari Sedergren: The Political Leminen
Heini Hakosalo: Leminen and the Theme of Illness
Anneli Lehtisalo: Romantic Artists' Life in a Bourgeois Idyll
Minna Santakari: Leminen as Art Director
CANCELLED as the time run out: Antti Alanen: Four Letters from an Unknown Woman
The first book on Hannu Leminen, Valkoiset ruusut [White Roses], edited by Kimmo Laine and Juha Seitajärvi, was published
Also a cd called Valkoiset ruusut was published, with selections from the history of Finnish film music such as Armas Järnefelt's The Song of the Scarlet Flower (1919), Leevi Madetoja's The Battle Over the House of Heikkilä (1935), Einar Englund's The Boys (1962), and, of course, Väinö Haapalainen's White Roses (1943)

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