Saturday, March 07, 2015

In Love with Amelia Earhart

FI 2014. Animation. PC: Animaatiokopla. P+D+SC+ED: Leena Jääskeläinen. AN: Kaisa Penttilä, Jessica Koivistoinen. Paintings: Maria Björklund. Graphic art: Kaisa Penttilä. DP: Jari Uusitalo. S: Janne Laine. M: De Wolfe Music. C: Taina Nyström (grown-up Erja), Rosita Manninen (young Erja), Saana Hyvärinen (Erja's voice), Mary Woolley (voice of Erja). 6 min
    Tampere Film Festival (National Competition 11), Saturday, 7 March 2015

TFF: "The Middle-aged Erja is reunited with her to lost loves. Amelia Earhart and herself. In love with Amelia Earhart is a light hearted experimental short film. The film deals with the contradiction between youthful enthusiasm and mature disillusionment. The technique of the film is stop motion animation by actors, along with some painted-on archive footage."

AA: Stop motion live action animation with some newsreel footage of Amelia Earhart. A poem based on a montage of associations. Everything is well with mother at the care home.
    A time lapse image of Erja as a young woman artist: I want to fly, I will never fall. Her drawings and paintings on the wall come alive in time lapse animation.
    Erja literally confronts herself as a depressed grown-up cleaning woman, both facing each other in the same shot. "I am doing quite fine. I will fly one day, as well."

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