Friday, March 06, 2015


Силламяэ. Fiction. FI 2014. PC: Aalto University. P+D+SC: Lauri Randla. DP: Tuomo Hutri. S: Tiia Vestola. ED: Leo Liesvirta. M: Tiia Vestola. 9 min
    Contact: Aalto University / Saara Toivanen,
    In Finnish with English subtitles.
    Tampere Film Festival, Friday, 6 March 2015

Tampere Film Festival: "The 7 year old Johannes is staying at his grandparents in an enclosed military town of Sillamäe. The desire to see his mother puts Johannes on an escape journey through the steep hills of Sillamäe military district. As a getaway car he has a toy Moskvitch and as a companion his only true friend Crocodile Gena, as they drive towards the city of Tartu 180 kilometers away."

AA: A tender character study of a little boy 30 years ago in Soviet Estonia. The little boy Johannes is on his way to Tartu on his foot-powered toy car. He is given a lift by his friendly grandfather. Johannes's mother calls him and sings him a lullaby. Beautiful cinematography by Tuomo Hutri.

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