Saturday, March 07, 2015

Orchard Road

FI / GB 2015. PC: Lamb Films. P: Larry Cowan. D: Ida-Maria Olva. SC: Leevi Ikonen. DP: Aidan Gault. S: Ilmari Hietala. ED: Otto Laakso. M: Veli-Pekka Pehkonen, Myles McCormack. Songs: "The Lying Devil", "The Number Song". C: Sean Hegarty (dad), James Hegarty (Alex), Larry Cowan (Georgie), Tracy Dempsey (radio persona). Special thanks: Armagh Cider Company. 9 min
    In English with Finnish subtitles.
Tampere Film Festival (National Competition 11), Saturday, 7 March 2015

TFF: "An unemployed father cannot afford a birthday present for his son, so he plans something a bit more unorthodox."

"It's Alex's ninth birthday and he's been anticipating a trip to Old Trafford for a present. Instead of Manchester, he finds himself heading towards Country Armagh in a pissing rain. Alex and his dad have started the day with a visit to the dole, making Alex quite pessimistic towards his surprise adventure waiting in Armagh. After a couple of cautionary prep talks it's time for the H hour. Alex's dad explains that he's taken him to nothing less than the best apple tree in the world."

AA: A droll rogue story of a birthday surprise off the beaten track. With good performances, a fine sense of atmosphere, and a sense of a maverick experience.

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