Friday, March 06, 2015

Seeing Black Cows

FI 2014. Experimental. P+D+SC+AN+DP+ED: Nuutti Koskinen. M: Jani Lehto, Nuutti Koskinen. S: Jani Lehto.
    DCI 2K (1.85:1), 13 min
    Tampere Film Festival, Friday 6 March 2015

Official introduction: "Seeing Black Cows is an experimental animated short film. The name is derived from a metaphor "the night in which all cows are black", coined by Hegel to criticize the philosophy of romanticism. As a metaphor the black cows represent something in the threshold of our perception: a kind of indefinable, inseparable otherness, loathed by our rational mind which seeks to measure, quantify and classify our existence. However, could it be that in the end this quantification turns against us, converting the black night into white noise, the indefinable into the purposeless?"

"The work compares our tendency to define ourselves as separate from our environment, from other people as well as our bodies and (in the end) our very thoughts - spinning this cartesian spiral of identification towards alienation.

AA: Experimental photorealistic animation - visionary - with an ominous sound world - entering a nocturnal nature, forest - imagery like in negative -  starkly reduced and transformed colours - changing layers of perspective - animation based on photorealism - trees fall - apocalyptic sounds - like in an earthquake - a strange light emerges from an abyss - flying stones - flying leaves and debris - emerges a freeway tunnel with a 100 km speed limit - an animated car driver - dashboard - side mirrors - from the side mirror the driver sees a house - a change of perspective to the senior female in the house - back to the driver - slow motion - the two coffee cups - coffee like magma - flying objects in the senior woman's room - split image: the driver and the senior woman having coffee - the driver checks his heartrate at his mobile detector - extreme close up of heart biology - the microbic world - the electronic world - back to the dark forest - concluding in an orange sunrise.

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