Saturday, March 07, 2015

Säälistäjät / Mercy All the Way

FI 2014. Fiction. PC: AV-Arkki The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art / Hannaleena Hauru, Jan-Niclas Jansson - and Elokuvatuotantoyhtiö Made Oy / Ulla Simonen. D: Hannaleena Hauru. SC: Hannaleena Hauru, Tanja Heinänen. DP: Jan-Niclas Jansson. S: Cedric Le Doré. ED: Jenny Tervakari. M: Aleksi Wuorio, Lauri Ranta. "Kuka keksi rakkauden" (Markku Impiö, Kaija Kokkola) perf. Tsäps Up. "Doin' Time" (Petri Kallio). C: Tanja Heinänen (Mirja), Mikael Karkkonen (Marko), Misa Palander (Anna), Alina Tomnikov (Angelica), Johannes Mäkinen (Aku-Nuutti), Leena Nuora (Iida), Tiia Honkanen (Pirjo), Kikka Rytkönen (Päivikki), Niina Hosiasluoma (Sossu-Leena), Aapo Puusti (Jarkki), Rainer Kaunisto (Kake), Juha Mäkinen (shop manager). 30 min
    Contact: Elokuvatuotantoyhtiö MADE Oy / Ilona Tolmunen,
    In Finnish with English subtitles by Liina Härkönen.
    Tampere Film Festival (National Competition 10), Saturday, 7 March 2015

TFF: "The women working in a Finnish unemployment office have a secret club, where they give sex out of pity to marginalized young men in order to prevent future school killings. Mirja (35) tries to hide that after spending a night with unemployed Marko (19), she has fallen in love. Saving Finland is at stake."

The motto of this film was taken from a film critic.
    "If Auvinen, Saari, or Breivik had had even a little sex and at least for a while someone as a girlfriend, none of them would have become mass murderers."
- Markus Määttänen, Aamulehti, 2011

AA:  A dark satire on an outrageous premise. "I do more field work than anyone. I have prevented three school shootings and two bomb threat this year alone." The movie starts in Western Koivula, Employment Office. The most offensive feature is that office clerks laugh at their clients during the lunch break. Drama starts when jealousy comes into play and all leads to mental breakdown. Ostensibly a film about sex, but the approach is grotesque and anti-erotic. An ambitious film with a big idea and even a visionary final mass sequence, but I fail to relate to this.

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