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1898 Anno tre: Lumière locale: Jan Kříženecký in Prague and The best Lumière vues of 1898

Dostaveníčko ve mlýnici [An Assignation in the Mill]. CZ 1898. D: Jan Kříženecký. C: Josef Šváb-Malostranský. Národní filmový archiv.
Musical interpretation: Stephen Horne.
Sala Mastroianni, Bologna, Il Cinema Ritrovato (Anno tre), 25 June 2018.

Lumière locale: Jan Kříženecký a Praga
Local Lumière: Jan Kříženecký in Prague

Jeanne Pommeau: "Jan Kříženecký, a construction engineer and a photographer, bought a cinématographe from the Lumière brothers in 1898 with its accessories and negative and positive film stock, with which he made the first Czech films. Most of these films describe events, celebrations and everyday life in Prague, however three of them were comedies with Josef Šváb-Malostranský as the lead actor and presumably also as co-director. Jan Kříženecký screened the films at the Exhibition of Architecture and Engineering in Prague the same year in the pavilion he named the “Czech Cinematograph”. All surviving materials have now been digitized. If possible, we will also present the original negatives and vintage prints in order to offer a better comprehension of the photographic character of these moving pictures."

"Despite the myth of the omnipotence of digital technologies, important characteristics of historical film technologies can be more faithfully reproduced with photochemical procedures. Tinting and toning are obvious examples of practices that can be reused today to achieve a maximum of the films’ original aesthetic impact. On the other hand, monochromatic colours of prints manufactured by the Lumière brothers, because they are presumably inherent in this film material, are not reproducible on safety prints using the original technologies. The fact that the nitrate vintage prints have one sprocket-hole on each side of the filmstrip adds to their fragility and makes screening them impossible. In this very peculiar case, digitization offers the only way to screen a facsimile of these films in their present state without interfering by using digital retouching or stabilization and respecting their colours. This is a modest but necessary step to invite researchers to become curious about the colour processes used in one of the very first screened moving pictures in history and one more move to fight the pervasive ideology of ‘content’."
Jeanne Pommeau

Svatojanská pouť v českoslovanské vesnici Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Midsummer Pilgrimage in a Czechoslavic Village] DCP. D.: 40’’ (copia vintage); 47’’ (negativo originale)  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Defilování vojska o Božím těle na Královských Hradčanech Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [March Past during Corpus Christi Feast in Hradčany]  DCP. D.: 22’’ Da: Národní filmový archiv

Polední výstřel na Mariánských hradbách Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Noon Cannon Firing on Marian Walls]  DCP. D.: 40’’  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Cyklisté / Cyclists Cecoslovacchia, 1898  DCP. D.: 37’’  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Staroměstští hasiči Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [The Firemen of Old Prague]  DCP. D.: 45’’ (copia vintage); 39’’ (negativo originale) Da: Národní filmový archiv

Žofínská plovárna Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Žofín Swimming Bath]  DCP. D.: 45’’ (copia vintage) 48’’ (negativo originale)  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Dostaveníčko ve mlýnici Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [An Assignation in the Mill]  Int.: Josef Šváb-Malostranský  DCP. D.: 1’(copia vintage); 44’’ (negativo originale)  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Výstavní párkař a lepič plakátů Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Exhibition Sausage Seller and Bill-Poster]  Int.: Josef Šváb-Malostranský  DCP. D.: 59’’ (capia vintage 1); 60’’ (copia vintage 2); 62’’ (negativo originale)  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Smích a pláč Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Laughter and Tears]  Int.: Josef Šváb-Malostranský  DCP. D.: 30’’  Da: Národní filmový archiv

Cvičení s kužely Sokolů malostranských Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Exercises with Indian Clubs by the Sokol of Malá Strana]  DCP. D.: 47’’ (copia vintage); 42’’ (negativo originale) Da: Národní filmový archiv

Voltýžování jízdního odboru Sokola pražského Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Vaulting of the Prague Sokol Equestrian Section]  DCP. D.: 43’’ Da: Národní filmový archiv

Slavnost zakládání pomníku Františka Palackého Cecoslovacchia, 1898 [Foundation Ceremony of the František Palacký Monument]  DCP. D.: 47’’ Da: Národní filmový archiv

Digitized in 4K in 2018 by Národní filmový archiv in collaboration with Nasjonalbiblioteket – National Library of Norway and CESNET at Hungarian Filmlab (Budapest) and Magiclab (Prague), with the support of Iceland and Liechtenstein. Project supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Le più belle vedute Lumière del 1898 (con un balletto in stile Gay Pride)
The Best Lumière Vues of 1898 (including a Gay Pride style Ballet)

Mariann Lewinsky: "After several hundreds of views shot in 1897 in all the corners of the world by travelling operators, the Lumière production of Vues de plein air continued the following year with a series shot predominantly in France. All in all, two hundred new views were added to the Lumière catalogue in 1898, including about twenty vues composées or divers. The examples have been selected for the wondrous sense of rhythm, timing and frame composition, the magic of capturing the present moment of time and life (of a princess, of a dog) and the eerie revelation of new ways of seeing (from a balloon in bound flight, or ascending the Eiffel tower)." Mariann Lewinsky

Chiens savants: la danse serpentine n . 987, Francia, 1897 o 1898

La Duchesse d’Aoste à l’exposition n . 1051, Torino, Italia, 1898

Lavage du pont, I n . 821, Alexandre Promio, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Francia, 1898

Ramassage du linge n . 824, Alexandre Promio, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Francia, 1898

Picadors n . 864, Nîmes, Francia, 8 maggio 1898

Chiens savants: exercice du tonneau n . 989, Francia, 1897 o 1898

Ballet Excelsior: pas du bouquet n . 913, [Lione], Francia, 1897 o 1898

35 mm Da: Institut Lumière

Le Squelette joyeux n . 831, [Francia], 1897 o 1898 {Lumière!, 2017, 103}

Ouvriers réparant un trottoir en bitume n . 833, [Francia], 1897 o 1898 {Lumière!, 2017, 29}

Panorama pendant l’ascension de la tour Eiffel n . 992, Parigi, Francia, 1897 o 1898 {Lumière!, 2017, 46}

Panorama pris d’un ballon captif n . 997, [Francia], 1897 o 1898 {Lumière!, 2017, 101}

Explosion en mer n . 829, Alexandre Promio, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Francia, 1898

DCP Da: Institut Lumière

AA: I was not able to attend this screening due to a double overlap with Madeleine Bernstorff's Ella Bergmann-Michel show and Margarethe von Trotta but I include this list here to keep a complete record of the fantastic Anno Tre series. Four of the Institut Lumière DCP's in this programme are included in Thierry Frémaux's Lumière! (2017).

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