Saturday, March 11, 2017

Föda / Eating for Two

Tampere Film Festival
Kotimainen kilpailu 11
P36 | 10.3. FRI/PE 20:00 | PLEVNA 5
L15 | 11.3. SAT/LA 18:00 | PLEVNA 2


Mervi Junkkonen | Sweden 2016 | Documentary | 13 min
Language: Swedish.

TFF: A young woman who has suffered eating disorders half of her life suddenly gets pregnant. She faces the challenges of eating properly and staying healthy. An intimate story about balancing between motherhood and a difficult illness.

Raskaus yllättää nuoren naisen, joka on kärsinyt syömishäiriöistä puolet elämästään. Suurin haaste on syödä ja yrittää pysyä terveenä. Intiimi tarina äitiyden ja vaikean sairauden herättämistä ajatuksista. TFF

AA: An intimate diary of a young woman's pregnancy and motherhood, told as a first person narrative and visualized largely in extreme close-ups. While caring for the baby the woman processes her anorexia nervosa. "My identity: to keep surpassing myself". "A competition with yourself: how thin can you get without breaking?" "My sick me knows there is a healthy me inside". The baby changes her. "I am so full of love that I almost cannot stand it". "Because of my baby I will stay healthier".

A tender and lyrical confession.

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