Saturday, March 11, 2017

Metsänuudistus / The Forest Renovation

Tampere Film Festival
Kotimainen kilpailu 11
P36 | 10.3. FRI/PE 20:00 | PLEVNA 5
L15 | 11.3. SAT/LA 18:00 | PLEVNA 2


Elina Renko | Finland 2016 | Experimental, Fiction | 5 min

TFF: The country has a dilemma. People need jobs, the forest needs to be taken care of. Should these two meet? And what about the old forests?

Maahan tarvitaan lisää työpaikkoja ja metsästäkin tulisi huolehtia. Voisivatko nämä kaksi kohdata? Entä vanhat metsät?

AA: A parodical, ironical, and satirical view of forest renovation in Finland. Received wisdoms about forestry gleefully spoofed by the film-makers.

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