Saturday, March 11, 2017

Penelope (2016)

Tampere Film Festival
Kotimainen kilpailu 11
P36 | 10.3. FRI/PE 20:00 | PLEVNA 5
L15 | 11.3. SAT/LA 18:00 | PLEVNA 2


Heta Jäälinoja | Estonia, Finland 2016 | Animation | 5 min

TFF: Doorbell rings. Someone is at the door. But everything’s a mess.

Penelope herää. Joku on ovella. Mutta täällä on hirveä sotku

AA: A humoristic animation about a modern Penelope waking up as Ulysses is knocking. The comedy is about cleaning in record time until Penelope is ready to let the bedraggled hero inside. Funny gags. The style: Estonian school of animation.

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