Friday, March 10, 2017

Pimein hetki / The Darkness Moment

Tampere Film Festival
Kotimainen kilpailu 9
T34 | 9.3. THU/TO 16:00 | PLEVNA 5
P15 | 10.3. FRI/PE 18:00 | PLEVNA 2
Duration/kesto: 95 min
Oskari Sipola | Finland 2016 | Fiction | 25 min

C: Laura Malmivaara (Elina), Ella Lymi (Anette), Kristo Salminen (Mikko), Peter Kanerva (Antero), Timo Tuominen (Tuomo), Peter Limón (Harri).

TFF: Elina’s suspicions arise when her 16-year-old daughter Anette buys clothes that she shouldn’t be able to afford.

Elinan epäilykset heräävät kun hänen 16-vuotias tyttärensä Anette ostaa vaatteita joihin hänellä ei pitäisi olla varaa

AA: A taut short drama of the single mother Elina (Laura Malmivaara) who turns into a detective discovering that her 16 year old daughter Anette (Ella Lymi) is prostituting herself. She spies on Anette's computer, uses security cameras and catches her in flagrante with her boyfriend customer.

Well made and well acted with wider implications about today's generation gap, the ubiquity of surveillance and the abuse of young girls and women where there is also an isssue of complicity. Protecting Anette Elina is seemingly her enemy.

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