Friday, March 10, 2017

Sore Eyes for Infinity

Tampere Film Festival
Kotimainen kilpailu 8
P13 | 10.3. FRI/PE 14:00 | PLEVNA 2
L34 | 11.3. SAT/LA 16:00 | PLEVNA 5
Duration/kesto: 93 min


Elli Vuorinen | Finland 2016 | Animation | 12 min

TFF: An optician comes face to face with a collection of curious clients during her workday.

Optikko kohtaa työpäivänsä aikana joukon eriskummallisia asiakkaita

AA: Elli Vuorinen, one of the finest Finnish animation artists (Benigni, 2009, Sukkavartaankatu 8, 2013), is at her best here.

The sense of rhythm, mood, and the dream mode are assured. There is a constant sense of wonder at the inventions of the story. The visual world is beautifully stylized, and the colour world is pleasing.

The protagonist is a female optician whose customers include an old lady with broken glasses, a monkey buying a box of red-green 3D glasses, an ancient man who needs a telescope, a little boy who steals, and a sexy woman who buys contact lenses. A blind man keeps walking past the shop, and when he drops his dark glasses, the optician follows him, meeting his customers at their preoccupations on the way, including the monkey who runs a sex show; she cuts his wrist and keeps the monkey's paw. The shadows of the optician and the blind man join in the finale, and there are cosmic and psychedelic colour visions that we have learned to associate with sex appeal.

More than well made, Sore Eyes for Infinity is a reminder of the potential of animation for limitless imagination.

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