Saturday, March 08, 2014

After Everything / Kaiken jälkeen

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 10

Original in English.

Finland 2014
Fiction | 29 min

Director: Pekka Sassi
Kertomus kahdesta pojasta maailmassa, jossa raakuus, epäinhimillisyys ja enkelin tappaminen ovat arkistuneet ja tulleet osaksi päivittäisiä rutiineja. Mustavalkokuvaus, rujo ympäristö ja industrial noise -musiikki korostavat lopun aikojen tunnelmaa.
Story of two boys in a world where brutality, inhumanity and killing an angel are commonplace and part of everyday routine. The atmosphere of doom is emphasized by the combination of black-and-white footage, harsh settings and industrial noise music

AA: A futuristic dystopy in black and white and scope. It starts with the world upside down. Two guys in a desolate industrial environment throw body bags onto a conveyor belt. Caught at the evening fire, attacked by a white winged demon. The immense sky. The existence of God. A demon of fire and a deafening shrieking voice. It also meets its fate and is wrapped into a bodybag. A barren forest after a forest fire. Destroying things in a fire at night. They douse the factory with gasoline. They set it in fire, it goes up in flames and explodes. The final image is of the world upside down. "The world will perish, but there is no end". Juho Rantonen, Juuso Timonen, Jorma Uotinen (angel = demon). Music: Pekka Sassi. Loc: FN Steel, Fjäder Groupo, Ruukki Group, Hangon lentokenttäyhdistys. P: Ilppo Pohjola. PC: Crystal Eye.

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